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Final Update - 8/4/2018
With the sun returning to Greeley, not only did the morning games proceed as planned, we also managed to complete both swim meets!

At The Sing this evening, both teams sang their hearts out. Awesome 80's Blue won The Sing, but Super 70's Gold ultimately won Color Days 2018!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our PFC SportsNet coverage of the last 3 days, as well as our first ever evening event live streams on Instagram.

We'll see you back here next year for Color Days 2019!

Day Two Recap - 8/3/2018
This morning started off before breakfast, with the first judged skits. Boys' games included High Senior Soccer, Senior Basketball, Inter Baseball and Junior Quickball, with the blue team picking up wins across most of the morning games. The girls on the gold team fought back, winning a number of games across High Senior Basketball, Senior Flag Football, Inter Quickball and Junior Newcomb.

This afternoon, the weather prevented the swim meets from completing, but the sun returned in time for some of the evening games.

The featured event this evening was the High Senior Girls "A" Game. Toward the end of the 4th quarter it was down to a single point separating both teams, but Gold managed to hang on their lead and won the game 22 to 21.

Day One - Evening Update - 8/2/2018
Following dinner, Senior Boys Soccer, Inter Boys Football and Senior Girls Volleyball were able to proceed as scheduled.

The evening's featured event, the Neal Erlich High Senior Boys "A" Game was an intense match up that went into double overtime before the blue team claimed the win -- 83 to 72!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for our first live video instagram broadcast and our A Game Live score updates! Check back tomorrow evening for Girls "A" Game Live!

Day One - Afternoon recap - 8/2/2018
With rain in the forecast for this afternoon, all afternoon sporting events were moved to this morning and completed as planned. Although Awesome 80's Blue had an initial lead following last night's hatchet hunt, Super 70's Gold pulled ahead after this mornings games. Both teams are now at song practice as we wait out the rain.

Tune in this evening for Boy's A Game Live!

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