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Congratulations Gold Autumn - 8/8/2021
It all came down to The Sing! With a 10.5 gap leading into the final event of Color Days, both Blue and Gold sang their hearts out. Gold Autumn ended up winning The Sing by a single point, which also came with a 20 point bonus, propelling them to victory!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in online! We'll see you back here next year for Color Days 2022!

Day Two Recap - 8/6/2021
This morning started off with Gold wins on the boy's side, in High Senior Soccer, Senior Basketball, and Inter Baseball. The Blue team won the Junior Quickball 1 game. On the girl's side, Blue won the High Senior Basketball 2 game, all of Senior Flag Football and the Junior Newcomb 1 match. Gold won the High Senior Basketball 1 game, Inter Soccer and the Junior Newcomb 2 match.

After lunch both teams performed a judged skit, with Gold winning 19 to 17.

The afternoon highlight were the Boys and Girls Swim Meets. The Girls Swim Meet went to Gold, while Blue was victorious on the Boys side.

Day Two ended with Gold Autumn winning the High Senior Girls A Game. Half time featured a Rubiks Cube competition, which was won by Blue Spring.

Morning March - 8/6/2021
After breakfast, both teams had their first judged March, down to Chadwin Court. Blue won, 21.5 to 14.5.

A Game Live - 8/5/2021
Thanks to everyone who tuned in this evening for Boys A Game Live as well as for our live video broadcast via Instagram! Congrats to Blue Spring for winning Boys A Game!

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